Hi, my name is Kellie. I’m 25 years old, and I have been wearing wigs and toppers for two years now. I have androgenic alopecia, and my hair has been falling out since my early teens. When I hit my early twenties the hair loss sped up, and I lost most of the hair on top of my head. That’s when I began wearing supplementary hair and got my confidence back.

Something that really bothered me the whole time I was struggling with hair loss and trying to conceal it (before I started wearing hair) was that it’s something women just don’t talk about. There’s such a stigma. I was so embarrassed that it was happening to me, and nobody – not even my family – knew about it. Losing your hair is bad enough, but having to deal with it in secret, with no support, made it even worse.

When I started wearing hair, I decided that I’d had enough with the secrets. I wanted to do my part to help break the stigma surrounding female hair loss and wigs. When I got my first wig, I posted on Facebook and “came out” about my alopecia. It went somewhat viral, and I was brought to tears over the support I received from complete strangers.

This gave me the inspiration to reach as many women as I could, so I started a blog called “Out of Thin Hair” that I keep updated with posts about how to manage hair loss and reviews of different wigs that I’ve tried. I’ve also started a YouTube channel where I post videos. It’s been so fulfilling being able to be a resource for women who are in the same spot I was in for the past decade ‹ dealing with hair loss and having no idea where to turn.

The Secret Struggle of Hair Loss

"Something that really bothered me the whole time I was struggling with hair loss and trying to conceal it was that it's something women just don't talk about. There's such a stigma."

Kellie's Story

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